Terms And Conditions

We are always pleased to see students seeking interest in our services and we find content in serving them with the best of our efforts. We consider everyone who placed an order with us to be aware of our terms of use and policy conditions. But some of the students are new and not very much aware of our operating norms and thus we would like to explain and elaborate our terms of use of services and conditions.

Submitting the order now button it is understood that you understand and approve to abide by our terms and condition fully and have no contradiction with any of our terms. As an online website we fully support and abide by the online ethical code of conduct and fully condemn all types of fraudulent conduct in any way

In the below given three cases we cannot be held responsible

  • If your given details are not adequate for the writer and you do not respond to clarify.
  • In case you do not make the provision of necessary material or files timely.
  • Delaying the clearance of payment.

We can be held responsible if the below described conditions meet

  • If we fail to deliver the work in the given time.
  • In case the writer didn’t confirm the instructions with you before working and it resulted bad.
  • Any other technical problem that kept you from getting in contact with us.

Since there are some inevitable factors that cannot be controlled by the writing factor only we never promise or guarantee an A grade at all. Although our experts have managed to get a lot of consumers that standard of result but if it happens we appreciate it and if it doesn’t that is not the part of our promise in the first place. We guarantee that you will get a piece of writing that can get you 60% of the total scores no matter what and that is the minimum we guarantee or take the responsibility for.

Free revisions.

It is compulsory for us to change, amend or revise, provided the paper doesn’t meet your initial order descriptions as you entered while placing the order.

Sometimes the changes suggested by the tutor are new and relevant to the needs of the paper written. That would be catered as a new order as it was not the part of your initial order description while on the other hand if your tutor doesn’t approve the work and it comes out that you missed to provide us the right description of the instructions, we will charge you for the revision.

Explanation of the refund policy.

  • Only those refund claims that are made within the a time of 3 days after the final order is submitted, shall be entertained.
  • A customer has the opportunity to cancel the order right before a writer is assigned to his order.Having been allocated a writer your cancellation request will not be catered.
  • It is the domain of Quality Assurance Team to take care of such matters.

Your refund claim will not be treated as a valid claim if meet the following conditions.

  • 1. We only start off with the writing process once the payment is received and thus any delay in the payment will subsequently delay in the writing process and that will have a direct impact on your date of delivery.
  • 2. Any order that does not have the complete instructions or unclear specifications will not be taken by a writer until the information and request made in detail is clear.

We deduct 10% of the total amount on all approved refunds and this meant that you will get 90% of your total paid amount as the 10% is deducted for services and other charges.