Refund Policy Statement.

Although this happens rarely and seldomly but we still feel responsible to address the issue for such rare disperancies that take place and a client seeks for the reimbursment of his compensations. With all our gratitude and open heart we allow such customers to take away their hard earned money. Customers are our first priority and no matter what the matter is we make sure that our customers get the best quality document and paper but despite all our efforts if the results are contrary and a writer fully fails to accomplish the instructions in the order description and even after numerous revisions and attempts the requirements are not being met then On a customers demand for refund the company is bound to reimburse all the money based on these grounds. As per these conditions we are bound to refund;

  • On missing a deadline when there is no possibility for an extension or resubmission of the paper.
  • The paper written by our expert gets failed.
  • After repeated attempts the writer fails to comply with your instructions.
  • On revising and amending the research content you are still dissatisfied.
  • In case you are mistreated by any of our staff members or customer support.

The department of Quality Assurance is responsible for all such matters. They are to be cosidered as the final decisive authority in such a matter. Only those refund requests will be validated that are made within a time of 7 days after the final work is delivered. The version of decision made by the quality assurance will be considered the final verdict.

*90% of the total amount will be reimbursed while 10% will be deducted in terms of services and fee.