Our Privacy Policy.

To providing full proof privacy to the information of every student is our first priority that cannot be compromised. We have a dedicated privacy expert team that ensures all the operations adhere the privacy compliance as established and explained by the authority.

Personal Information:

We do not have a database that saves your information at any level. When an order is completed every customer\’s preferences and details and urgently deleted. The ownership rights of every paper is under customer’s name and the writer was only a helper. Your information is not at all shared or compromised with anyone in any way either for the leads generation purpose or marketing needs.

Google Analytics:

There is that tool to analyze the traffic on our websites but that doesn\’t have to do with your confidential details at all. The to old has never been reported to be used for collecting any information of the traffic that visits our websites.

PCI regulations.

  • 1. We are a PCI complaince certified body.
  • 2. Our operations executives or live chat support reps cannot keep any equipment that can record any info.
  • 3. The working floor is audited and inspected twice a year by the third party to validate the compliance.
  • 4. The computer systems are fully integrated so much so that a user cannot save any of your information.
  • 5. We only get the payment confirmation messages and never receive the payment details used to process it.
  • 6. In case of a double charge or any such mistake the money is reimbursed within 24 hours.


Every website today demands its visitors to turn on its cookies so that the features on the website may be visible properly. We also require a user to do so and if as per your consent you wish not to do so we have no issues but this may cause to disable some of our content on the website for you.