5 College Life Hacks All Students Should Know

The college experience is one of a life time. Looking at it from one side, it can be a new and exciting experience, and from another, it can also be overwhelming. A single student can get to meet hundreds of students around him; meanwhile they experience a number of things which they haven`t thought about before.

So, if you have just finished your high school and planning to enroll in college for graduation it`s better to learn about some college hacks beforehand that can make your life easier than you ever thought possible.

For this reason, we have compiled the 5 life hacks for college students that you should take a look at below.

1. Learn How to Do Your Own Laundry

Leaving your home and living independently as a student it becomes very important how to perform your daily chores. Well, the first thing that you should know is to learn how to do laundry on your own.

A number of times students make a mess of their clothes not knowing how to do their laundry. The put the entire basket of clothes in the washing machine, without taking a look what color are they. Students should remember to wash like fabrics with like fabrics and always avoid washing two types of colored clothes together. Moreover, they should know which type of clothes goes in the dryer and which ones don`t. So, it`s learn how to wash your clothes properly and don`t destroy your new laundry.

2. Make Sure To Stock Some Plastic Bags

There will be a number of things you will need to use plastic bags for. From storing food to putting your new clothes in, time and again you will need to use plastic bags. And on top of that they are helpful in keeping your notes together, stationery and even your medicines. While not to forget the trash you will need to throw away when you will be scheduled to clean the kitchen.

3. Remember To Save Money by Cooking At Home

When living independently, you should learn to cook at home and save a huge amount of money every month. Though, it may sound devastating at first, but after a short span of time you will become good at it and automatically get in the habit of it.

At the first place, it will help you save large sum of money each month and you will be able to control your increasing food budget. In fact, it will even help save a few pounds each month that you can spend on eating out with friends or getting a new shirt for yourself. And as a bonus, you will find yourself healthy and fit eating home cooked food every day while avoiding that fast food that isn`t good for your health in both the long and short run.

4. Stock the Right Technology

While studying in college you don`t have to waste huge sums of money in purchasing expensive gadgets and other items. Rather you should be more interested in buying stuff that will be helpful throughout your college tenure.

Get hold of things like power bank for your mobile phones or laptops which can be a life saver. You never know when you run out of battery in your laptop and miss out on a good opportunity to learn something new. Similarly, time and again you can run out of cell phone battery. A mobile phone power bank can be a lot helpful in such situations. Not only it will help you to catch an Uber from college to home when you battery will be drained off but you will also be able to order pizza when you are trying to burn the midnight oil.

USBs, portable printers are some other stuff that can be very helpful during your time at college. So, make sure to stick to the right technology and avoid wasting money buying the wrong stuff.

5. Use Your Wall for Your Study Schedule

Instead of hanging your guitar or your favorite tennis racket on the wall, make sure to utilize your wall in for your study schedule. Get a large paper desk calendar and attach it to your wall. Write down all important dates and notes on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall. These can include assignment submission deadlines, examination schedule and college events that are mandatory to attend.

In addition, you can even use different colors to code subjects. This way it will be easy for you to look at which subject you need to be studying and at what time.

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